How To Create An Event In A Group On Facebook

Go to and select your group. Click Write something... then click Add to your post and select Create event. Select Online or In Person. Below Event Details, fill in the details for your event. If you want to invite all members of your group, select Invite all members of [group name].

Step 1: Navigate to the Facebook Group To begin, open Facebook and navigate to the group you want to create the event. Ensure you have the necessary permissions to create an event within the group. Now click on the Three dots as shown below. Step 2: Click on the "Create Event" Option Once you're inside the group, locate the "Create Event" option.

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Click + Create New Event, then enter event details like the event name and start date and time. Click Is it in person or virtual?, then select Virtual. Choose a type of virtual event: Facebook Live: Use if your event has more than 50 guests. External Link: Use if your event is off of Facebook.

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