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Are you organizing a big event and want a secure and efficient way of handling payments? The right event payment platform can make it easy to organize, send and

As a nonprofit organization, you likely host several charity events throughout the year. Your event registration software for nonprofits is your first line of defense

Event Dalam Bahasa Indonesia - As an event planner, you are well aware of the challenges that come with managing a staff of event personnel. It’s a complex process that requires planning, coordination,

English Cara menggunakan "event" dalam kalimat ... The gold medal in the event was taken by a master, but the next three places all went to amateurs. ... He swam in 

Terjemahan serupa untuk "the event" dalam bahasa Indonesia · babak final · putaran akhir · babak terakhir · putaran terakhir · putaran final.

Kata “Event' mempunyai arti “Kegiatan, Kejadian”. Sebagai contoh : The election was the main event of 2019. (pemilu adalah kegiatan utama di 

"event" in Indonesian · volume_up. acara · peristiwa · kejadian · pertandingan · perlombaan · pengalaman · partai.

Arti kata "event" Bahasa Inggris dalam Bahasa Indonesia. kb. 1 peristiwa, kejadian. 2 pertandingan, perlombaan. in the e. that sekiranya, seandainya.

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